Before and After

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Attempting to fix up a really old house and starting a pretty huge Market Garden from scratch can sometimes be a little daunting. It seems to go so very slowly and we often feel that nothing is being accomplished. It … Continued


Frost Fairies

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We have this nifty “Two over Two” sliding glass door that faces out over the moors behind the Gardens. I am pretty sure that we have the double paned glass door installed on the wrong side (the single pane sliders … Continued



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Our vacuum cleaner is broken. It worked just fine the last time I used it but when I push the go button… nadda. Funny thing about vacuum cleaners, they are great at getting up dust and fluff and cat hairs … Continued


So Little Car So Much Country!

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Canada is vast. Actually Canada is really, really, really, vast. If you take one really small car, one really huge country, one very amenable cat, and one somewhat crazy girl and drive them all from sea to sea all the … Continued


Soft shoe! Edie!

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Soft shoe, Edie!… How can you resist? – Big Edie Did you ever see the movie Grey Gardens? It is the rather unusual story of two former socialites that withdrew from the world to secret themselves in a condemned mansion with … Continued



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When we bought this old house we inherited the Mother of all derelict sheds. It was like that children’s song “The song that would not end” (The Shed that would not end…). Shed after shed after shed all attached to… yet … Continued


Good Floor Hunting

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Linoleum. There were at least four layers of old linseed-oil linoleum and two layers of fibreboard covering most of the floors in this little house. There was also some of that weird 1970s patterned vinyl that I can never quite … Continued

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