Snap and Grow!

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Assembling¬†a nifty little Greenhouse kit… First we dug a pretty substantial set of trenches out of the bed of shale that we recently acquired. Next we levelled the nice heavy timbers that are completely non-optional in a place that has … Continued


Oddly useful

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Here is a nifty and mysterious thrift store find – a Japanese melamine bowl-thing that screws apart into two pieces.¬†I have used my very best Google-fu and been unable to come up with the original purpose for this odd little … Continued


In the Kitchen Garden

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Oh, baby! Tiny little plant starts. Please look away from the “plastic-fantastic” shelves that are this year’s seed starting station. We did so want the lovely metal baker’s shelves but such things are not so easy to come by out … Continued


The first summer

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This Gardener is very sure that we have had enough Winter to begin dreaming of green things to come. Our lane is a sheet of ice that salt cannot touch and it feels like a very real blessing every morning … Continued