Gear Shift

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The Gardens are waking up and the Avalanche of seedlings has begun. Huge relief, as this year Spring was beginning to seem as if it was really and truly not going to arrive. Spring-ter is a most terrible idea. It … Continued



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Tolkien was right, rings are forged on Mount Doom. There is a side to making jewellery that no one sees. They don’t see the bleeding slices on fingers that come from a slip of the assorted and also very sharp … Continued



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I made a sterling silver chain bracelet recently. It has a pair of heavy charms and is set with a sweet cabachon amethyst (February birthstone). When I finished the rough polishing and then the final rouge polishing I saw a … Continued



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Making objects for people to wear as ornaments has always seemed like a strange kind of work. It doesn’t feed or house anything. We work to grow our market garden that feeds us and many other families – it’s easy … Continued


Studio love

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I love my new studio! It is just a homely little room that we converted from the rather large south facing closet. We added two big salvaged casement windows and they have changed everything. What was a dingy but generous … Continued



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It is no secret that I don’t really appreciate WInter. I really don’t like the cold, I miss the garden and I am so cheap (frugal?) that I hate listening to the furnace burn up our money. However, I do … Continued