Build it Better Yourself…

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“Build it Better Yourself”. Did you ever come across this fabulous book by Rodale press? It is a nifty vintage volume from 1977 that walks you through and wide range of homestead-type projects including Solar Greenhouses, ┬áchicken-coops, pergolas, crop storage … Continued



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Our lovely new Children’s Garden is still mostly in the planning and gathering stage and that means an unreasonable amount of time is spent in the somewhat less than productive pastime of “research”. We are searching through inspirational photos of … Continued


Mud Kitchen!

Gardens are really wonderful places – full of pretty flowers, scented herbs, all kinds of beds and borders of edible plants with colourful and shapely leaves. Bright crocheted artwork, fanciful birdhouses, odd bits of sculpture and crazy driftwood trellises decorate … Continued