Before and After

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Attempting to fix up a really old house and starting a pretty huge Market Garden from scratch can sometimes be a little daunting. It seems to go so very slowly and we often feel that nothing is being accomplished. It seems as if our entire world is full of half-finished projects that are all clamouring for attention at the same time. Eep!

Looking through some of the “before and after” helps. You know… for a dose of perspective.

There is, actually, starting to be a lot less of the scary “Before” and quite a bit of the much improved “After” around here.

Before – Tell me that is not one of the saddest looking little old abandoned houses?


After – Little bit better now?house05

Before – The back side of the little shack before…house02

After – The same-ish view a few months later… slowly getting there.2015-02-14 09.41.44

Before – Our windswept barren hilside…raisedbeds

After – There, that’s a little more Eden-like I do think…welcome.summerfireweedsummer.13

Before – This “before” was the mother of all derelict sheds. It looks all innocent from the front but it was actually nearly seventy-five feet of really “old-scary-rotting” shed!2013-the shed

After – Look at that little cutie! So much better.2015-05-06 18.28.21

So we are actually making slow and steady progress. Not too shabby.