Soft shoe! Edie!

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Soft shoe, Edie!… How can you resist? – Big Edie

Did you ever see the movie Grey Gardens? It is the rather unusual story of two former socialites that withdrew from the world to secret themselves in a condemned mansion with about a hundred cats.

When we first got to this little project house it felt a lot like “Grey Gardens” actually. Just a wee bit of squalor for sure, there was no electricity, no running water (no idea where the drilled well was even located… at all). But at least we only had the one cat and the power service  was, thankfully, hooked up in only two days. The poor little house looks so sad in the old photos.


In honour of the big and little Edies here are the cutest little soft shoes!

2015-02-11 11.45.33 HDR

There is just something so completely irresistible about baby shoes. They really are just the most darling little things ever.