Thinking Pink About Winter

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Oh! Winter! You!

We know that you do serve an important place in our gardens but by this time in March you are starting to feel like an in-law who has overstayed their welcome and is laying on the couch all day and drinking all of the beer. Won’t you please leave and go get your own place?


What is good about late Winter in a drafty old house by the sea:

  • No need to worry about remembering to put the milk in the fridge because the back of the countertop is actually three degrees colder than the inside of the fridge anyway.
  • You don’t need to worry about the state of your usually pretty pink glittery toenails as you will not be seeing them until May.
  • Your laptop gets to actually do double duty as a lap-warmer.
  • The cat no longer pesters you while you are working because she is terrified of the static shocks that any contact will produce.
  • Storm chips! as need the extra calories in order to stay warm.

Of course the best thing of all is that we really do actually and truly NEED to buy lots of cosy warm wool yarn!