Sheila’s Brush

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Sheila’s Brush. That, I hear, is what some people call the last snowstorm of the year. Sheila brushing off Winter. Good Girl. I am fairly sure that the final Cape Breton Snowstorm came at about the end of April last … Continued


Colour Me Happy!

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Colour. Crazy wonderful colour really can make you happy. There is real Big fun in a brand new box of wax crayons and in pots of bright tempera paint and in the flat tray filled with sticks of chalky pastels … Continued


My Neighbour’s Pony

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This is my neighbour’s trusty little work pony. I really never ever thought an ATV could be so useful. My previous experience with such machines generally involved youngish folks tearing up pristine areas of lovely woodlands, bogs and meadows with … Continued


Across the Road

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When we bought this nifty little fixer-upper we very much knew that we NEEDED a huge and successful garden. As unlikely as this area is for good horticulture we did see a pretty fantastic one growing right next door. Well saw … Continued


Watch this space!

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We have engaged this wonderful young artist to give new life to the expansive canvas of a rather sad old retaining wall. So very much can’t wait to get to take the “after” pictures because her work is so very … Continued



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Our vacuum cleaner is broken. It worked just fine the last time I used it but when I push the go button… nadda. Funny thing about vacuum cleaners, they are great at getting up dust and fluff and cat hairs … Continued


Step into the Frame

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I feel like I could step right into this little vignette. This fabulous piece of art is my “Very Best Lucky Find” in the whole of today! Love love love the colours and the fresh bright Spring-ness. The smoke curling … Continued


Happy Holi

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Now here is a game I would really like to play! So much colour! The Google doodle this morning reminded me of the charming South Asian festival of Holi. The celebration of Holi is just my cup tea. Oh My Lucky … Continued