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When we bought this old house we inherited the Mother of all derelict sheds.

It was like that children’s song “The song that would not end” (The Shed that would not end…).

Shed after shed after shed all attached to… yet another shed. With a matching collection of baby sheds in all sizes and shapes. Not a one of them was salvageable though. So in came the super massive excavator and out went the sheds in about ten double dump truck loads. Phewf!

The really funny part is that we now need a new shed! Gaah!



The only thing we managed to reuse was the old chimney. It made a nifty pile of rustic bricks that we used to pave the side door patio. Still need another load of sand to bed the bricks better. Demanding greedy house.

2014-06-26 12.02.38 HDR

The field that was left behind is still somewhat concave and we are hoping for a nice big pile of fill to result from some of our earthworks plans. ‘Cause that set of old sheds left behind a mighty big empty field that I am pretty sure will be a nice place to plant Strawberries!