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Sticks. Sticks and branches are all natural, fairly easy to come by (often for free!) and also pretty flexible. This makes them perfect for crafting handwoven garden fences, trellises, wattles and hurdles. Big fun! (really, this is actually super fun … Continued


Ginger Hands

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A hand of ginger, a murder of crows, a clowder of cats.¬†Fantastically odd sounding¬†names for groups of ordinary things… charming! Today I planted some of those “ginger hands”. Ginger is marvellous for digestion, can ease asthma symptoms and also fights … Continued


Sea of Grass

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I like to get up early. If I am early enough, I get to watch the sunrise through our eastern kitchen windows and it is just as lovely every single time. The view of the roly-poly hills and the ocean … Continued