Sheila’s Brush

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Sheila’s Brush.

That, I hear, is what some people call the last snowstorm of the year.

Sheila brushing off Winter. Good Girl.

2016-01-19 08.07.59

I am fairly sure that the final Cape Breton Snowstorm came at about the end of April last year but I have high hopes that this most recent one really was our last big blast of Winter. So far this Winter has been a kinder, gentler sort of season (last year was a doozy and a half) and we are very grateful.

2016-01-17 09.22.18

2016-01-17 09.23.35

2016-02-09 14.20.59

We have lots of opportunity to begin Garden clean up and a chance to check on the Vegetables that are likely to have over-Wintered. So far so good. Investigation reveals quite a bit of lovely Kale, some patches of Arugula, lots of colourful Swiss Chard and many rows of disheveled but persevering leeks. This is a pretty welcome change from the aforementioned LONG and COLD Winter after which we had basically no survival at all save for one bedraggled and very traumatized Leek (we are saving seed from that line of Leeks… seems to be bombproof!).

My neighbours shared the story of the huge iceberg chunks that used to slough off and make their way to pile up in our little cove. Those vast ice chunks remained as a frosty presence most years well into June. Most Winters are not quite so forbidding these days. Still last night did yield a pretty large pile of snow and a house-shaking night of wind.

Very, very grateful for that lovely ATV that saves about an entire day of shovelling every time it snows. Big, Big Thanks to the handsome mini-plow driver! You are the best :)