Who turned down the Heat!

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Market day is usually quite fun and pretty much the only day out for this farmer and crafter. A nice chance to chat with people and maybe buy some nice yarn and some nice soap and maybe a nice piece of pottery.

Our last Farmer’s Market of this year was a pretty chilly one. It rained…Hard.

We do seem to have pretty good luck weather-wise when it comes to market days. In two full years of packing up the farm truck at the crack of dawn we have managed to have only one really rainy and awful day. This was that day. It poured buckets and buckets of icy water the entire time we carried heavy bushels and crates of produce through the gloomy darkness of early dawn. Much time was spent covering the delicate things with ever so many layers of plastic in a fairly vain attempt to arrive with dry goods to set up. This is extra time that makes you much later than you would like to be as you arrive to set up. A bit of a grumpy start I think.

2015-09-05 08.58.24

Setting up a farmer’s market table in the rain is always a dreaded task. Your fingers freeze and everything is slippery and just so so so much more difficult. Table cloths blow merrily away, displays tip over and in this rather windswept location even the heavy tubs filled with water and fresh vegetables are in danger of blowing over and creating unwelcome puddles (really!). Our preserve jar labels are ruined by even a spot of water and soggy knitted items are also not particularly desirable. Sigh.

2015-09-05 08.59.09

We still managed to get pretty lucky on this Autumn day… as we rounded the curves of the lower road on our way to the LeNoir Landing the clouds parted and the rain stopped. The sun even peeped out for a moment. Blink.

I always feel quite proud of the people that bundle up to brave the wild weather of the Autumn markets. I can imagine that you would be able to take all of your goodies home and then to make some nice hot tea as you plan your weekly meals – warming your chilled hands on the handcrafted mug you discovered at the market.

Every day sort of simple adventure. Nice.