“Froggy” Day

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So very “froggy” outside and pretty darn cold too! It always comes as an unwelcome surprise just how bitter the sodden wetness of early Spring wind can be. It just cuts right through anything that you try to wear as a bit of a barrier to the chill. Something about windy, around 100% humidity and right at 32º F that you cannot seem to dress for. Brrrrrrr, Brrrrrr and even more Brrrrrr!

The continued chill is somewhat annoying as really want to just be out weaving new garden edging and tidying up… but the ground is still too hard to drive stakes and a lot of our mulch is still more than a little bit… completely frozen to the ground. As in frozen and stuck hard (it is nearly May! – MAY with frozen ground? Gahhhhh!).

2015-04-24 09.01.28

2015-04-24 08.55.46

2015-04-24 08.58.41

2015-04-22 11.47.29

Maybe it is still a better time of year to just moon out the windows and then to plant a couple more flats of seedlings but it is so awfully hard to resist poking around in the outside gardens.

We did, actually, rake back a lot of our hay-mulch this week and then we laid out some sheets of tempered glass to warm up the chilly soil. Any ground that is still covered by mulch or in a patch of shade remains remarkably frozen but glass or plastic makes an almost instant difference and the beds that have been pre-warmed are ready to sow all the little toughies – like radishes! Oh yeah.

I have always wondered why we even have refrigerators here in the Winter. Couldn’t one simply have a little “cupboard” that opens to the outside? Could save a little zap-juice that way I am sure (I suppose that might make a better freezer than a fridge though, hmmmmm?).


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  1. Michèle Babin

    Love your little elf looking outside.

    • admin

      Thanks! That elf was waiting to head to her new home – but the weather was problematic…