Out there and In here…

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A few weeks or so ago it seemed a bit like Spring was on the way. Nope. Not yet anyway. It is just as cold out as it looks. I admit to having a lifelong concern with the circumstances of … Continued


Mud Kitchen!

Gardens are really wonderful places – full of pretty flowers, scented herbs, all kinds of beds and borders of edible plants with colourful and shapely leaves. Bright crocheted artwork, fanciful birdhouses, odd bits of sculpture and crazy driftwood trellises decorate … Continued


Fun Made By Hand!

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We set up our downstairs  office as an impromptu craft fair for all of our lovely customers that could not make it out to the very few and select holiday markets that we attend.This proved to be quite fun and … Continued



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A fabulous flower! For some reason these Artichokes have carried on blooming all through this intermittenly chilly Autumn. So very pretty and so very like a sort of land based Water Lily. This is the seasonal change of gears that means … Continued



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It turns out that after all that amazing harvesting you really must preserve your landslide of beautiful produce. We have piles of shiny yellow and green Courgettes and Pattypan Summer Squash. Basket after basket of the perfect and very lush … Continued



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Such enormous fun! There is something awfully special about a big basket of new yarn (from Rock Loaf Farm…so very local too!). Soft squishy yarn with that lovely lanolin-y smell and just look at all the pretty colours! All just waiting … Continued



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A lovely row of Cottage Garden-ish Calendula, also known as the Pot Marigold. Calendula is in the Daisy family and it is a useful plant in the Garden border and also in the kitchen. Flower petals can be added to … Continued


Watch this space!

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We have engaged this wonderful young artist to give new life to the expansive canvas of a rather sad old retaining wall. So very much can’t wait to get to take the “after” pictures because her work is so very … Continued

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