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A fabulous flower!

For some reason these Artichokes have carried on blooming all through this intermittenly chilly Autumn.

So very pretty and so very like a sort of land based Water Lily.

2015-09-27 07.37.312015-09-27 07.37.36

This is the seasonal change of gears that means we are pulling out all the lovely baskets of colourful fuzzy yarn that will become all sorts of “high fibre” baskets of play food, cuddly crocheted dolls and more than a few whimsical and wonderful wooly hats.

Lots and lots of work that really feels just like playtime…Tangled Happy!

2015-02-20 11.50.562015-04-22 12.36.102015-04-22 12.31.212015-02-20 11.58.58Really Big Fun!