Out there and In here…

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A few weeks or so ago it seemed a bit like Spring was on the way.


Not yet anyway.

ice, ice, baby

2016-01-17 08.01.01

2016-01-19 08.07.50

It is just as cold out as it looks. I admit to having a lifelong concern with the circumstances of my birth that led to a life in cold and unforgivingly Wintery Canada. All kinds of choice of settlement on an entire continent and my ancestors said “You know what? I think we will take the frozen part…”. I know we don’t get killer spiders in our shoes and we do not have to deal with venomous snakes cruising through the Garden but wouldn’t it be so nice to Garden year-round or to be able to go outside without wearing every item of clothing that we own at the same time? Anyway…

The local lighthouse society sponsored a Wintery snowshoeing event and they passed through the Gardens in a cheery line of snow-trompers. They all looked pretty adventurous, if a mite chilly, I must say (it was -10º so really pretty cold).  I admire the Winter-sports people but possess no desire to join in at all. Inside good.

Instead we will maintain our deep and abiding denial about the length of Winter and spend these dark days making some Prosperity hens and some wooly sushi boxes and some lovely needle felted balls that will become fabulously simple string mobiles. Lovely.

2016-02-10 08.22.15

2016-02-13 11.02.51

2016-02-13 09.50.11

2016-02-09 14.20.35

Hope that you are all managing to keeping cosy and warm.