Sea of Grass

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I like to get up early. If I am early enough, I get to watch the sunrise through our eastern kitchen windows and it is just as lovely every single time. The view of the roly-poly hills and the ocean … Continued


Studio love

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I love my new studio! It is just a homely little room that we converted from the rather large south facing closet. We added two big salvaged casement windows and they have changed everything. What was a dingy but generous … Continued


Happy Year of the Sheep!

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When you live on the West Coast of Canada you are treated to the celebration of the Lunar New Year. Chinese New Year. I know that this is also celebrated in many other parts of Canada but it just seems … Continued


The Shanty

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We bought this house. On purpose. Over the interwebs. From the complete other side of Canada. Without ever seeing it. Yup, this is going to be a story. Better make some tea. This picture was taken on the very first … Continued



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It is no secret that I don’t really appreciate WInter. I really don’t like the cold, I miss the garden and I am so cheap (frugal?) that I hate listening to the furnace burn up our money. However, I do … Continued



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It is February in Cape Breton. The door to the green house is frozen shut. The door to the basement is also frozen shut. Our steep little lane is a semi-vertical skating rink and, of course, layers of snow and … Continued


Snow day!

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There is a fun page on the interwebs called SnowDays. It lets you create “paper” snowflakes and then paste them into a snowing vignette (with a message if you like). Perhaps not as much fun for the kiddos as the … Continued


Happy Heart Day!

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We don’t seem to celebrate holidays around here. We’re just not really all that sentimental I suppose. But Valentine’s day comes with hearts! And hearts are what crochet does best! And we know that I will use any excuse to … Continued



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Quite a number of years ago I decided that I must learn to crochet. My previous experience with this craft consisted of the pink chevron striped afghan blanket that covered my childhood bed and a scratchy kelly green crocheted bikini … Continued

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