Happy Heart Day!

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We don’t seem to celebrate holidays around here. We’re just not really all that sentimental I suppose. But Valentine’s day comes with hearts! And hearts are what crochet does best! And we know that I will use any excuse to take up my hooks and my skeins. So here are some happy little hearts.

2015-02-13 10.37.47

2015-02-13 10.37.02

2015-02-14 10.09.06

I have a sack of little crocheted hearts (hundreds of them actually, made in a flurry for no real reason). I made them in a range of colours but somehow the red hearts are the best. One of my very favourite children’s books is titled “Red is Best”. It is the story of a little girl that just knows that red mittens are warmer and red hats are cosier and red tights are just somehow better. I was never a really big fan of the colour red until I began to crochet.  Now, I find that red wool actually is cosier and that my red coat and my red sweater really do keep me warmer. I have learned that the little girl was right… Red is Best.