Colour Me Happy!

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Crazy wonderful colour really can make you happy.

There is real Big fun in a brand new box of wax crayons and in pots of bright tempera paint and in the flat tray filled with sticks of chalky pastels and, of course, in our mountainous and most rainbow hued Yarn-Stash… but the very best of all colours have to be in all the wild and wonderful vegetable varieties.

Oh! Saffron yellow carrots, shiny red cabbages, stripy orange tomatoes and vibrant purple beans. If the colour of a vegetable is unexpected I immediately want to try growing it. A real sucker for colour for sure! This year we have lovely dark indigo Tomatoes, rainbow coloured Carrots, fantastic yellow and red blotched Beans and a most excellent “Peppermint Stick” Swiss Chard!

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I ran into a sweet woman at the grocery store many years ago. We were between gardens then and I was buying a pretty red cabbage to make black bean and red cabbage burritos (if you like Mexican food you ought to try this combination… tasty fare indeed).

Anyway, this very nice lady asked me what the red cabbage tasted like compared to the green and I remember being so sad later that I had not thought to quickly buy one for her so that she could take it home and try it! (If you recognize yourself here and you are that nice “green cabbage buying lady” then please come up to the gardens some time and I will gladly give you one!)


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  1. Stephan Deibel

    Thanks so much for taking the time to show us around the garden on Thursday. I was very impressed and so have been everyone I’ve shown the photos to so far. Keep up the great work! This is the kind of thing that makes life interesting and fun!

    Stephan, Gina, and Ajanta