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Making objects for people to wear as ornaments has always seemed like a strange kind of work. It doesn’t feed or house anything.

We work to grow our market garden that feeds us and many other families – it’s easy to see why we all need nice fresh vegetables.

We work to fix up this demanding homestead. A “vintage” house is pretty much a full time job all on its own and we do need to have a good shelter.

But right now all the endless painting, drywall, yard work and even the housework can wait.

2015-02-15 10.45.36

2015-02-15 10.46.06

2015-02-15 10.45.31

2015-02-15 10.06.20

Right now this is my work. Silver bracelets, Gold rings, wide Bronze Repoussé cuffs. These are the things on the work-bench and on my mind.

Maybe not useful but, I hope, beautiful.


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  1. This is very useful! Sometimes it’s more important to feed our souls than our bellies.