Good Morning Garden

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Oh Garden, my love. I hope you had a good sleep. You seem to have pressed the snooze button a few extra times and now we are a little behind in our planting schedule but it sure is nice to … Continued


Broad beans

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The weather is being quite uncooperative so we took the unprecedented step of planting some Broad Beans in cell-packs. Eep! We are putting in a pretty large crop of Broad Beans this year. There was a lot of demand for … Continued


Beach Party in the Greenhouse!

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Blue sky for a change! Six long frozen months make a day spent in our new little Greenhouse feel like a trip to the Tropics. The daytime temperature inside the greenhouse is holding between 50º and 75º F and that … Continued


Ode to Tomatoes

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Today’s the Big Day! Time to sow this year’s crop of Tomatoes. Four big foam coolers are set up with bottles of hot water for bottom heat and six hundred teeny-tiny seeds are pressed into their nursery cells. Now we … Continued


Scary Monsters?

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Here there be monsters. The Radish of the Horse. Horseradish. Garden books, gardening advice columns (do they still have those?) and experienced gardeners offer dubious warnings about Horseradish. One of those warnings came from wondrous and very wise Gardener that I … Continued


Great Greens!

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We love love love to grow greens! We had two warmish and fabulously sunny days in a row after a very long stretch of seriously cold weeks (or was it months?) and that little hint of warmth made me think … Continued

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