Summer Love

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See that lovely truckload of hay bales? All of that wonderful hay covers our walking paths and also makes some mighty fine mulch. We have been blessed to connect with some lovely Farmers that no longer have a use for … Continued


This Garden

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What we are doing here is not at all sensible….just in case you were wondering. This here, is not a very likely place to put any garden at all, never mind our nifty little Market Garden. Our garden battles a … Continued


Much Ado About Aphids

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Aphids… the tiny green vampires of the greenhouse world. They are really not much trouble in the outside gardens where the balance of predators and the wildness of our weather keeps them well in check. In the greenhouse it is … Continued


All about the leaves…

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Very early Summer is all about the leaves. Pretty shiny Swiss Chard in a rainbow of colours. Thick juicy Siberian Kale. Crisp and compact Buttercrunch Lettuces that could easily pass for giant green roses. Lovely Red Salad Bowl lettuce looking … Continued



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Horrors abound… Hail!  Thunderstorms!  Windstorms!  and WAY more than our fair share of Late Frosts. Still the Summer crops march bravely on. Tomatoes are still tucked inside the wire and plastic cloches but they are finally beginning to reach the tops … Continued


Between the Rains…

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In between the rains… We are trying to take more pictures of the Gardens. This blog is the first time in my life that I have kept any semblance of a Garden Record. I do know how valuable record keeping … Continued


Gardener’s Log May 2015

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May is the month of Magic! We go from this… To this… To this… And then suddenly there they are!  Great big pretty transplants… This May has gone by in a Flash! We had the most excellent Track-hoe in to … Continued


Vegetable Pickle

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This past season we grew a crop of quite lovely summer cabbages. A fairly large crop of quite lovely summer cabbages, actually. Many, many more cabbages than we could use fresh. So it seemed like a good time to make … Continued

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