Beach Party in the Greenhouse!

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Blue sky for a change!

Six long frozen months make a day spent in our new little Greenhouse feel like a trip to the Tropics. The daytime temperature inside the greenhouse is holding between 50º and 75º F and that is so very nice for all the little Onions, Kale, Artichokes, Celery, Leeks and Herbs. It is also awfully nice for this Gardener too! Got to sit and knit in the sunshine. Oh so nice!

2015-04-09 14.10.51

The upstairs sunroom is also pressed into service as a semi-heated Greenhouse to “chill” our Artichoke seedlings. They require 250 hours of cool (not freezing) weather to set flowers and much as I do think that Artichokes are very pretty I really do not wish to fill an entire bed with pretty prickly plants that will not produce Chokes. So we are logging “chill” hours. Funny fussy things.

2015-04-03 10.23.06

We have discovered that trays will pass in and out through the little window that joins the Greenhouse to the bathroom – a seedling take-out window. Pretty nifty and much easier on the heat loving seedlings than a dash through the frost-filled wind. Hoping that next week we will start to see some above freezing nights that will let us leave the more hardy starts out at night (getting a little crowded in my sky!). Actually is getting really really crowded… the kitchen is filled with seedling trays, heated propagators, seed starting mix and assorted garden tools. Sheer force of will does not seem to be working on the weather so we will just proceed to garden indoors until “Spring-ter” gives way to Summer.

Actually we really need the weather to warm at least a little. We have so many new babies that are waiting for the toddlers to vacate the cribs. Many, many and so very many Tomato babies!

Going to sow some Basil starts today that will be planted at the feet of the Tomatoes. Lovely.


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