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A lovely row of Cottage Garden-ish Calendula, also known as the Pot Marigold. Calendula is in the Daisy family and it is a useful plant in the Garden border and also in the kitchen. Flower petals can be added to … Continued


Okey-dokey Artichokey

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Globe artichokes are really easy to grow on the West Coast but not quite hardy enough to be such an effortless perennial here in the frozen East. We started a little planting of Green Globe Artichoke seedlings in late Winter … Continued


Summer High

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These are the things that mean we have reached high Summer… Poppies! Oh! we do love the splashy bright red Poppies! Summer Squash…Pattypans, Zucchini, Bennings Green Tint, Serpentine Zucchini and Spaghetti Squash. Is there any garden vegetable more generous than … Continued


Snap and Grow!

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Assembling a nifty little Greenhouse kit… First we dug a pretty substantial set of trenches out of the bed of shale that we recently acquired. Next we levelled the nice heavy timbers that are completely non-optional in a place that has … Continued


A Fan of the Field

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Seems like an unreasonably lovely setting for a Potato field don’t you think? Growing a large food Garden always involves a pretty substantial amount of manual labour…hot and very sweaty-type labour. Up at the Potato field there is always a fine … Continued


My Neighbour’s Pony

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This is my neighbour’s trusty little work pony. I really never ever thought an ATV could be so useful. My previous experience with such machines generally involved youngish folks tearing up pristine areas of lovely woodlands, bogs and meadows with … Continued


Unreasonably Green!

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All this rain has made for one seriously green world. Pretty ferns, lovely green hills and some pretty funky little Mushrooms. The wet Summer does also mean that we have some pretty fantastic Salad Greens, Lettuce, Snap Peas and the … Continued


Across the Road

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When we bought this nifty little fixer-upper we very much knew that we NEEDED a huge and successful garden. As unlikely as this area is for good horticulture we did see a pretty fantastic one growing right next door. Well saw … Continued


Watch this space!

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We have engaged this wonderful young artist to give new life to the expansive canvas of a rather sad old retaining wall. So very much can’t wait to get to take the “after” pictures because her work is so very … Continued

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