Snap and Grow!

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Assembling a nifty little Greenhouse kit…

First we dug a pretty substantial set of trenches out of the bed of shale that we recently acquired. Next we levelled the nice heavy timbers that are completely non-optional in a place that has the kind of serious weather that we get. We prefer a Greenhouse to an an airplane, after all. 2015-07-02 12.52.59The kit boxes are opened and after the initial shock of seeing about a thousand individual unassembled pieces we set to work sorting them by number.

If you ever assemble such a creature you can rest assured that the instructions are simple and the pieces do go together quite easily. It really is Snap and Grow. The frame pieces slot very tightly into one another and then the polycarbonate panels slide into the resulting grooves. The door assembly is a little trickier and, to be honest, could still use a little tinkering (it closes but the top is slightly out of alignment…meh). 2015-07-02 09.31.422015-07-02 09.32.062015-07-02 10.07.15


2015-07-02 10.13.13All clicked together with the clean panels in place it looks like a Greenhouse…yup. A pretty fancy-looking little Greenhouse for a make do and mend sort of place as this, actually. Nice. Very, very Nice.

At this point the entire greenhouse is lifted fully assembled onto the metal base.

This is the moment when, if you are me, you discover that your carefully levelled base is not quite so level.

The pulling out of the timbers and a considerable portion of extra excavating with only a very small amount of cursing was the natural next step.

Okay then, now it was really and truly level. We and some most helpful neighbours lifted the beast back onto the new and improved base blocks and….Ta-dah!

One teeny-tiny and very shiny little Greenhouse.2015-07-02 12.35.462015-07-02 12.36.282015-07-03 10.54.002015-07-03 10.53.152015-07-03 10.52.58Don’t they look so very happy in their new home?


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  1. Lynn Theriault

    Lovely! I am green with envy!