The Cabbage and the Worm…

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We are getting our seeds out of storage and setting up the light racks to begin this year’s Brassica crops. Yeah! Cabbages, Kale, Brussel Sprouts, Radishes, Turnips and Mustards, pretty Bok Choy, ferny Mizuna, otherworldly Kohlrabi and chunky Collard Greens. … Continued


Fun with Onions

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Onions! Late January or the beginning of February is Onion planning time around here. We are still brand new in this Garden and it is only our second year of planting Onions from seed. Last year was a fantastically punishing … Continued


Fool’s Spring…

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It feels like Spring today. It is warm and really sunny and a substantial amount of the latest snowfall is melting away. I know that it is most likely just a “Fool’s Spring” and that we will still get to … Continued


The Gardener’s Shadow

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I am not a particularly gifted photographer and this lack of talent often results in my own shadow interloping in many of my pictures. As a lucky coincidence these failed photographs reminded me of a neat little parable, that goes something … Continued


Mud Kitchen!

Gardens are really wonderful places – full of pretty flowers, scented herbs, all kinds of beds and borders of edible plants with colourful and shapely leaves. Bright crocheted artwork, fanciful birdhouses, odd bits of sculpture and crazy driftwood trellises decorate … Continued


Before and After

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Attempting to fix up a really old house and starting a pretty huge Market Garden from scratch can sometimes be a little daunting. It seems to go so very slowly and we often feel that nothing is being accomplished. It … Continued


Frost Fairies

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We have this nifty “Two over Two” sliding glass door that faces out over the moors behind the Gardens. I am pretty sure that we have the double paned glass door installed on the wrong side (the single pane sliders … Continued


A Great Pile of Kelp!

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Growing a Garden in Eastern Canadian by the Seaside has lots of challenges.  Yup LOTS. Combine a really short growing season, some truly wild weather, regular doses of burning salt-water spray, marshy and seriously acidic topsoil and let’s not forget … Continued


Begin Again…

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Time to start all over again… We have pulled out the humongous stash of seeds and begun the onerous task of figuring out what will be planted next season. It is the time to take stock of our hits and our … Continued


Fun Made By Hand!

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We set up our downstairs  office as an impromptu craft fair for all of our lovely customers that could not make it out to the very few and select holiday markets that we attend.This proved to be quite fun and … Continued

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