Vegetable Pickle

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This past season we grew a crop of quite lovely summer cabbages. A fairly large crop of quite lovely summer cabbages, actually. Many, many more cabbages than we could use fresh. So it seemed like a good time to make … Continued


Hardening Off…

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Hardening off. The growing season at our Pebble and Fern gardens is quite short. This is a fairly cold-Wintered area (cold-Summered too, sigh). To get a good yield of the vegetables that need more frost-free days than our climate permits … Continued


Scary Monsters?

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Here there be monsters. The Radish of the Horse. Horseradish. Garden books, gardening advice columns (do they still have those?) and experienced gardeners offer dubious warnings about Horseradish. One of those warnings came from wondrous and very wise Gardener that I … Continued


Easter Eggplants!

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Today has the dubious title of “First Day of Spring”.  Ta-Dah! Spring… right? It appears that Spring has, once again, “Rickrolled” us by applying back-to-back blizzards with massive piles of snow neatly placed on top of the already deep layer … Continued


Radishes of unusual adorableness!

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R.O.U.A.s – Radishes Of Unusual Adorableness. Oh my stars! such little cuties. Mild Spring weather seems to come late to this part of the country and March’s “all lion – all the time” weather philosophy is particularly difficult to accept when … Continued


In the Kitchen Garden

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Oh, baby! Tiny little plant starts. Please look away from the “plastic-fantastic” shelves that are this year’s seed starting station. We did so want the lovely metal baker’s shelves but such things are not so easy to come by out … Continued

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