Slant of Light

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That certain slant of light….

2015-09-27 07.53.56

2015-09-27 07.53.32

2015-09-27 07.53.27

2015-09-27 07.54.11

That is when, I think, you can really tell that Autumn is upon us.

The cucumbers are the first to wither in the cooling nights and the other heat loving crops soon follow. The most lovely Salad Greens can be grown in these chilly days, frilly Lettuces, peppery Rocket and ferny MIzuna. Taste seems to change with the weather and a bowl of nice warm Butternut Squash soup seems somehow much more appealing than Salad… still the Greens march bravely on until the killing frost. The Fall garden is still able to produce so much – Kale, Swiss Chard and lovely dark green Leeks.

The season’s harvest is stored away in crates and baskets and in so very many canning jars.

We have finally waded through the six hundred pounds of Tomatoes that were harvested (phewf!). So – Much – Salsa!

Did you know that it takes six to seven pounds of ripe tomatoes to fill ONE quart jar? Wow! I have been canning produce for years but never realized just what a massive weight of Tomatoes it takes to fill a Winter’s worth of jars in the pantry.