Ode to Tomatoes

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Today’s the Big Day! Time to sow this year’s crop of Tomatoes. Four big foam coolers are set up with bottles of hot water for bottom heat and six hundred teeny-tiny seeds are pressed into their nursery cells. Now we … Continued


Great Greens!

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We love love love to grow greens! We had two warmish and fabulously sunny days in a row after a very long stretch of seriously cold weeks (or was it months?) and that little hint of warmth made me think … Continued


By Hand

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Our little market garden is very much “Made By Hand”. We use hand-tools to cultivate, we carry compost by hand in metal buckets and Shank’s Pony is our ride to forage for wild blueberries. All hands on and usually in the … Continued



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Tanemura is a Japanese word that a friend shared with me many years ago. It is supposed to translate into the words “Seed Village”. So charming. A sweet sentiment… “Tanemura” a little Community of Seeds. It is that time! That’s right! … Continued

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