Build it Better Yourself…

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“Build it Better Yourself”.

Did you ever come across this fabulous book by Rodale press?

It is a nifty vintage volume from 1977 that walks you through and wide range of homestead-type projects including Solar Greenhouses,  chicken-coops, pergolas, crop storage ideas and it even includes a pretty comprehensive how-to on the best way to go about the extremely daunting task of old Barn repair.




Build it Better Yourself is illustrated with simple plans and diagrams and it contains a landslide of really valuable building information for both the skilled and the somewhat less than entirely competent self-styled carpenters. An extremely handy volume indeed.

We most surely fall into the amateur builder category but somehow managed to magic up these pretty awesome benches!

2016-03-03 07.29.54

bench framing

2016-03-05 09.40.15

2016-03-06 10.32.11

Our often mentioned Super-Helpful neighbour has recently set up a rather fantastic woodworking shop in one of his outbuildings and he was kind enough to offer the space and a great deal of assistance to create some rather wonderful benches for our brand new Children’s Garden.

This is really going to be fabulous!