Mulch it!

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It is truly becoming Summer here in Little Anse. We don’t get much of a Spring but we do seem to have awfully nice Summer and Autumn weather. This means that it has become warm and dry enough to begin … Continued


Homemade Fertilizer

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In healthy soil, plants, microbes, fungi and insects cooperate in an active and vital environment. The soil system is very diverse containing a dizzying array of lifeforms in every teaspoonful. Really very amazing. Soil microorganisms are one of the most important … Continued


Green-sprouting Potatoes

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May is Potato planting time around these parts. We have a range of once-grown seed Potatoes that have been cut and warmed to prepare them for planting. Our Seed Potatoes slumbered in the rather chilly side porch all Winter. Now their … Continued


Lovely Leeks

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Leeks! They really do take forever to grow (we start our Leeks in January) but I do believe that they are one of the most rewarding vegetables to grow in a cold climate. These are super-hardy plants that are easy … Continued



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It does not look much like Spring. No blowsy Cherry blossoms, no Daffodils, not even a scattering of Snowdrops. It does, actually, feel like Spring though. The sunshine feels warm and although the weather continues to dust us with fairly frequent snow … Continued


Grow All The Seeds!

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This time of year we are picking up some fabulous packages from the mail box with quite pleasing regularity. Very Nice. Ordering seeds for the coming season is always a sort of bitter-sweet chore. We do so love, love, love, … Continued


The Cabbage and the Worm…

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We are getting our seeds out of storage and setting up the light racks to begin this year’s Brassica crops. Yeah! Cabbages, Kale, Brussel Sprouts, Radishes, Turnips and Mustards, pretty Bok Choy, ferny Mizuna, otherworldly Kohlrabi and chunky Collard Greens. … Continued


Fun with Onions

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Onions! Late January or the beginning of February is Onion planning time around here. We are still brand new in this Garden and it is only our second year of planting Onions from seed. Last year was a fantastically punishing … Continued


Fool’s Spring…

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It feels like Spring today. It is warm and really sunny and a substantial amount of the latest snowfall is melting away. I know that it is most likely just a “Fool’s Spring” and that we will still get to … Continued


The Gardener’s Shadow

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I am not a particularly gifted photographer and this lack of talent often results in my own shadow interloping in many of my pictures. As a lucky coincidence these failed photographs reminded me of a neat little parable, that goes something … Continued

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