Unreasonably Green!

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All this rain has made for one seriously green world. Pretty ferns, lovely green hills and some pretty funky little Mushrooms.

2015-06-24 13.45.16

2015-06-24 13.43.37

2015-06-24 13.49.05

2015-06-24 13.46.41

2015-06-24 13.45.532015-07-12 11.46.31

2015-07-16 17.56.54

2015-06-24 13.27.18

2015-06-24 13.27.04The wet Summer does also mean that we have some pretty fantastic Salad Greens, Lettuce, Snap Peas and the hale and hearty Kale plants also soldier on…

Just a little sun would be nice though. Do so want to be able to pick bushels of beans. Soon right?


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