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Just exactly how did all those Sod-busters, Covered Wagon-eers, and Homesteaders DO all of this? Dawn to dusk digging leaves a fellow more than a bit “bone-dead tired”  even with all of our mod-cons. Those intrepid pioneers had no cars, no superstores, no washing machines or even indoor plumbing and still they cut farms out of the hills and the plains. Quite the feat, for certain.

We broke down and got the big Track-hoe in to cut the new long terraces in the back garden.

Amazed beyond words at the power of those big machines. He cut into our back hill for about an hour and it was quickly clear that his work represented at least four months of hand digging (me and my tiny shovel are pretty humbled).


The new terraces are still pretty raw. They need the sods turned and buried (that will produce a really nice rich and very deep set of beds).

All of the new beds will need some wattle edging as well but that will have to wait until all of the transplants that are clamouring for bigger digs are set out and settled (can hardly wait… phewf!).

2015-05-16 18.00.35

2015-05-16 18.01.20

We got a nice roll of Agribon (frost cloth) and this takes some of the pressure off of this very unpredictable weather. I have always shied away from using row covers because I am pretty vain about the way the garden looks. Low tunnels covered with the opaque white cover look a bit like a Sea of giant grubs instead of a lovely potager. But needs must… so row covers it is.