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It does not look much like Spring. No blowsy Cherry blossoms, no Daffodils, not even a scattering of Snowdrops. It does, actually, feel like Spring though. The sunshine feels warm and although the weather continues to dust us with fairly frequent snow … Continued


Grow All The Seeds!

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This time of year we are picking up some fabulous packages from the mail box with quite pleasing regularity. Very Nice. Ordering seeds for the coming season is always a sort of bitter-sweet chore. We do so love, love, love, … Continued


Fun with Onions

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Onions! Late January or the beginning of February is Onion planning time around here. We are still brand new in this Garden and it is only our second year of planting Onions from seed. Last year was a fantastically punishing … Continued


Begin Again…

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Time to start all over again… We have pulled out the humongous stash of seeds and begun the onerous task of figuring out what will be planted next season. It is the time to take stock of our hits and our … Continued


Fun Made By Hand!

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We set up our downstairs  office as an impromptu craft fair for all of our lovely customers that could not make it out to the very few and select holiday markets that we attend.This proved to be quite fun and … Continued


Colour Me Happy!

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Colour. Crazy wonderful colour really can make you happy. There is real Big fun in a brand new box of wax crayons and in pots of bright tempera paint and in the flat tray filled with sticks of chalky pastels … Continued


Summer Love

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See that lovely truckload of hay bales? All of that wonderful hay covers our walking paths and also makes some mighty fine mulch. We have been blessed to connect with some lovely Farmers that no longer have a use for … Continued


This Garden

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What we are doing here is not at all sensible….just in case you were wondering. This here, is not a very likely place to put any garden at all, never mind our nifty little Market Garden. Our garden battles a … Continued

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