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Making Dolls. I do think that the best toys are simple, natural and, usually, handcrafted. We make dolls that are knitted and crocheted with a variety of wools including yarn and roving from the lovely Rock Loaf Farm (so very local dolls!) … Continued


Bear Parts

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Handcrafted teddies and dolls! So full on cute and so much personality. Just love the process of stitching them to life. Sweet smelling roving from Rock Loaf Farm, some skeins of hand-painted yarn and little bags of beans knit up … Continued



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Sticks. Sticks and branches are all natural, fairly easy to come by (often for free!) and also pretty flexible. This makes them perfect for crafting handwoven garden fences, trellises, wattles and hurdles. Big fun! (really, this is actually super fun … Continued


Soft shoe! Edie!

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Soft shoe, Edie!… How can you resist? – Big Edie Did you ever see the movie Grey Gardens? It is the rather unusual story of two former socialites that withdrew from the world to secret themselves in a condemned mansion with … Continued


Gear Shift

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The Gardens are waking up and the Avalanche of seedlings has begun. Huge relief, as this year Spring was beginning to seem as if it was really and truly not going to arrive. Spring-ter is a most terrible idea. It … Continued


Oddly useful

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Here is a nifty and mysterious thrift store find – a Japanese melamine bowl-thing that screws apart into two pieces. I have used my very best Google-fu and been unable to come up with the original purpose for this odd little … Continued


Step into the Frame

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I feel like I could step right into this little vignette. This fabulous piece of art is my “Very Best Lucky Find” in the whole of today! Love love love the colours and the fresh bright Spring-ness. The smoke curling … Continued


By Hand

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Our little market garden is very much “Made By Hand”. We use hand-tools to cultivate, we carry compost by hand in metal buckets and Shank’s Pony is our ride to forage for wild blueberries. All hands on and usually in the … Continued



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Tolkien was right, rings are forged on Mount Doom. There is a side to making jewellery that no one sees. They don’t see the bleeding slices on fingers that come from a slip of the assorted and also very sharp … Continued

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