Mud Kitchen!

Gardens are really wonderful places – full of pretty flowers, scented herbs, all kinds of beds and borders of edible plants with colourful and shapely leaves. Bright crocheted artwork, fanciful birdhouses, odd bits of sculpture and crazy driftwood trellises decorate … Continued


Before and After

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Attempting to fix up a really old house and starting a pretty huge Market Garden from scratch can sometimes be a little daunting. It seems to go so very slowly and we often feel that nothing is being accomplished. It … Continued


A Great Pile of Kelp!

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Growing a Garden in Eastern Canadian by the Seaside has lots of challenges.  Yup LOTS. Combine a really short growing season, some truly wild weather, regular doses of burning salt-water spray, marshy and seriously acidic topsoil and let’s not forget … Continued


Begin Again…

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Time to start all over again… We have pulled out the humongous stash of seeds and begun the onerous task of figuring out what will be planted next season. It is the time to take stock of our hits and our … Continued



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A fabulous flower! For some reason these Artichokes have carried on blooming all through this intermittenly chilly Autumn. So very pretty and so very like a sort of land based Water Lily. This is the seasonal change of gears that means … Continued


Slant of Light

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That certain slant of light…. That is when, I think, you can really tell that Autumn is upon us. The cucumbers are the first to wither in the cooling nights and the other heat loving crops soon follow. The most … Continued



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It turns out that after all that amazing harvesting you really must preserve your landslide of beautiful produce. We have piles of shiny yellow and green Courgettes and Pattypan Summer Squash. Basket after basket of the perfect and very lush … Continued



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It is that time of year… It always make me feel a bit like a mad scientist. Giddy and sort of amazed at what the Gardens have managed to produce. We harvested ALL the Tomatoes from the hundred or so … Continued


Colour Me Happy!

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Colour. Crazy wonderful colour really can make you happy. There is real Big fun in a brand new box of wax crayons and in pots of bright tempera paint and in the flat tray filled with sticks of chalky pastels … Continued

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