By Hand

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Our little market garden is very much “Made By Hand”. We use hand-tools to cultivate, we carry compost by hand in metal buckets and Shank’s Pony is our ride to forage for wild blueberries. All hands on and usually in the … Continued


Easter Eggplants!

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Today has the dubious title of “First Day of Spring”.  Ta-Dah! Spring… right? It appears that Spring has, once again, “Rickrolled” us by applying back-to-back blizzards with massive piles of snow neatly placed on top of the already deep layer … Continued



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Tolkien was right, rings are forged on Mount Doom. There is a side to making jewellery that no one sees. They don’t see the bleeding slices on fingers that come from a slip of the assorted and also very sharp … Continued


Yarn Rules

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I like to read about what the other fibre lovers are making. Wonderful makers share a window into their creative worlds with charming craft blogs. Lovely photographs document tidy little work-spaces. The pictures show beautiful yarn stashes that are neatly … Continued


Good Floor Hunting

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Linoleum. There were at least four layers of old linseed-oil linoleum and two layers of fibreboard covering most of the floors in this little house. There was also some of that weird 1970s patterned vinyl that I can never quite … Continued


Radishes of unusual adorableness!

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R.O.U.A.s – Radishes Of Unusual Adorableness. Oh my stars! such little cuties. Mild Spring weather seems to come late to this part of the country and March’s “all lion – all the time” weather philosophy is particularly difficult to accept when … Continued


In the Kitchen Garden

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Oh, baby! Tiny little plant starts. Please look away from the “plastic-fantastic” shelves that are this year’s seed starting station. We did so want the lovely metal baker’s shelves but such things are not so easy to come by out … Continued



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I made a sterling silver chain bracelet recently. It has a pair of heavy charms and is set with a sweet cabachon amethyst (February birthstone). When I finished the rough polishing and then the final rouge polishing I saw a … Continued



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  Everything is here to be happy on earth. We have snow and every day a new morning. We have trees and rain and hope and tears. We have humus and oxygen. We have distant lands and bicycles. We have … Continued

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