Happy Holi

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Now here is a game I would really like to play! So much colour! The Google doodle this morning reminded me of the charming South Asian festival of Holi. The celebration of Holi is just my cup tea. Oh My Lucky … Continued



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Making objects for people to wear as ornaments has always seemed like a strange kind of work. It doesn’t feed or house anything. We work to grow our market garden that feeds us and many other families – it’s easy … Continued


If I were a Mommy Blogger…

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If I were a Mommy Blogger these pictures would be gratuitous baby photos. Real baby love. Look at those chubby little cotyledons! Weedy little baby onions with the miniature strap leaves. The rosy-posy stems on the plump little ruby chards! … Continued


Mason jar love

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Mason jars are such happy little vessels. They just are. The sparkly crystal of the frugal “make do and mend” set. Around here we definitely belong to the make do and mend set so we use a lot of mason … Continued


Flower Fairies

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When I was a wee, little nipper, I was gifted with a book of “The Flower Fairies” (I think it was called Flower Fairies of the Spring). I pored over the images and began to look for the pictured pixies … Continued


Ginger Hands

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A hand of ginger, a murder of crows, a clowder of cats. Fantastically odd sounding names for groups of ordinary things… charming! Today I planted some of those “ginger hands”. Ginger is marvellous for digestion, can ease asthma symptoms and also fights … Continued



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Begin at the beginning. Seeds. Every time I get to unfold the flap on a shiny new seed packet I am amazed at the tiny wondrousness of a seed. It is like an entire secret world is contained in there. Did … Continued


Play with your food!

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Love, love, love to make crochet play food. The cuteness, the absurdness and the just plain fun! “yum yum dim sum” is one one my favourite books for toddlers and I have made many dim sum play sets with the … Continued


Nice ice for sale

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“Nice ice for sale!… ten cents a pail!” This time of year, I hear that little ditty every time I look out any of our windows. Yup… you can have it. The plow could not make it up our road … Continued

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